Google Assistant vs Siri! (2016)

Siri vs Google Assistant: Battle of the smartphone voice assistants! Top 5 Android 7.1 Features: Video Gear I use: Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~

The WAN Show – Nintendo Switch & Razer Buys.. THX?? – October 21, 2016

Mack Weldon: Use offer code TECHTIPS to save 20% at Cablemod: Save 20% on all Cablemod products at iFixIt link: – Offer code WAN to save $5 off a purchase of $10 or more Forum link: Soundcloud Link: Timestamps courtesy of Ghost and JJMC89. 00:01:48 – Nintendo Switch 00:28:14 – Razer purchases THX 00:33:58 – Sponsor: Mack Weldon 00:36:18 – Sponsor: iFixit 00:39:01 – Sponsor: Cablemod 00:43:05 – Tesla reveals Autopilot 2.0, available on all new cars including Model 3 00:48:55 – Massive DDOS takes down multiple sites attacking public DNS service 00:50:02 – The New Razer Blade Pro announced 01:02:53 – AMD announces Q3 2016 financial results 01:10:11 – Ubers ad-toting drones are heckling drivers stuck in traffic 01:11:49 – Samsung is the first 10nm chip maker 01:15:37 – Microsoft research demonstrates actuator which allow feeling virtual objects in 3D space 01:16:36 – PS4

Internet gets DDoS’ed, PS4 Pro has 2 GPUs, Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

Internet infrastructure provider “Dyn” gets struck by a DDoS attack, shutting down large parts of the Internet; the PS4 Pro has 2 GPUs, essentially running in Crossfire; Tobii releases their second-gen eye- and head-tracker. Plus, Quick Bits! See news sources + discuss on our Forums: Social Media: Instagram(NCIX Tech Tips): Twitter (NCIX Tech Tips): ​Twitter (Official NCIX): Instagram(Official NCIX): Facebook: Episode Credits: Host: Riley Murdock Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Barret Murdock

5 settings you’ll want to change on the Google Pixel

Tweak these settings as soon as you get your Google Pixel out of the box to turn on features like 4K video recording and Move shortcuts.

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Apple’s New MacBook Pro and Macs: The Final Rumors

It’s every MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini rumor we’ve heard before Apple’s official announcement.

Nintendo Switch: What we want from the new console

Jeff and Scott, two of CNET’s resident gaming experts go over what we saw, what we know so far, and speculate what is still to come for Nintendo’s newest gaming experience.

Will This Be Your First Robot?

Anki Cozmo – This video features the new Anki Cozmo, Anki Cozmo is a mini robotic gadget capable of interacting, playing games and learning. From the manufacturer – Say hello to Cozmo, a gifted little guy with a mind of his own. He’s a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out. He’ll nudge you to play and keep you constantly surprised. Cozmo’s your accomplice in a crazy amount of fun. Cozmo doesn’t just move; he gets curious and explores. He doesn’t just learn; he plots and plans. He doesn’t just see you; he gets to know you. So call him self-aware, call him almost human. Just don’t call him a toy. He’s a supercomputer on treads. And he’s fun on a whole new level. Cozmo’s emotions aren’t random. They’re real and felt by everyone in the room.

We’re out of ideas

Submit your application: Get the #OutOfIdeas shirt: Have you ever wanted to review hardware components? Here’s your opportunity!

How to use Google Maps hands-free

This is how to use Google Maps by talking to your Android phone.

The Internet is having a bad day after massive cyberattack

The entire Web seemed to be broken Friday morning for users in the United States, with many major sites suffering outages.

The 404 Show 1680: Let’s talk about Nintendo Switch (podcast)

Russ and Jeff break down all the bits and pieces to take away from this week’s announcement of the Nintendo Switch console, the new Logan trailer and DNS outages. SUBSCRIBE! iTunes: RSS: Follow Jeff: Follow Russ: Follow The 404:

We bet your college doesn’t have an e-sports gym

The University of California at Irvine just opened the first official e-sports facility for scholarship players and regular students alike.

Nintendo’s Switch raises more questions, Tesla makes self-driving hardware standard

Today’s tech wrapper includes Nintendo’s new hybrid console, the Switch. Tesla’s including self-driving hardware in all its cars. And a new gaming laptop from Razer packs the power of a desktop.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Totoro Costume!

Here’s how Adam Savage built his amazing Totoro cosplay that he wore at New York Comic Con! In this One Day Build, Adam shows us how he designed the costume to be lightweight and collapsible, how he formed Totoro’s iconic shape, and the little details that brought the huggable character to life! Watch him walk through NYCC in this costume here: Shot and edited by Joey Fameli Music by Jinglepunks Subscribe for more videos! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook: Tested is: Adam Savage Norman Chan Simone Giertz Joey Fameli Adam Isaak Kishore Hari Frank Ippolito Sean Charlesworth Jeremy Williams Patrick Norton Thanks for watching!