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Hacker Lexicon: What Is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?

WIRED The call for copyright reform in America have grown so loud that Congress has finally heard it. Lawmakers have

Absurd Creatures: The Bearcat Isn’t a Bear or Cat But It Does Smell Like Popcorn

The binturong, aka bearcat, ain’t a monkey, but it’s got a prehensile tail. It ain’t made of Play-Doh, but its

Cantina Talk: So … the Development of Rogue One May Be ‘in Crisis’

Lucasfilm Well, that was unexpected. Even though we wondered last time whether something was afoot with Rogue One after the

Weird Photos That Are Both Fantastic and Total Failures

Instagram overflows with “perfect” photos. Arty shots of lattes and breakfasts too pretty to eat. Panoramic vistas of achingly beautiful

Parking a Truck Is a Pain in the Butt. Tech to the Rescue!

fotogal/Getty Images If you drive for a living, it stands to reason that you’d excel at parking. Long-haul truckers may

Here’s What Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Has to Get Right

Electronic Arts Mirror’s Edge is a story about the power of your body. The game, influenced by the parkour phenomenon so

Outlander Recap: Learning to Put the “Apt” in Adaptation

Starz Toward the end of Saturday’s episode of Outlander, “Je Suis Prest,” Claire finally opens up to Jamie about why

Facebook Messenger Finally Bridges the Great Emoji Divide

facebook Like many couples, my wife and I sometimes use emoji instead of fully formed sentences when we text. Mostly,

Starbucks Is Going to Serve Cold Brew on Tap. What Could Go Wrong?

Starbucks You’ve already gulped craft beer and sipped artisanal pour-over. So naturally you’ve moved on to nitro cold brew. At

While You Were Offline: Behold the Political Schadenfreude That Is Paul Ryan

Win McNamee/Getty Images Perhaps it’s just the circles we move in on the Internet, but this week was unusually antagonistic

Inside Top Gear’s Wild Race Through the Desert in an Ariel Nomad

Matt LeBlanc driving the Ariel Nomad in Morocco.Roderick Fountain/BBC Worldwide The beloved trio of Top Gear presenters is long gone,

Game of Thrones Death Pool: Whose Turn Is It to Die?

If Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that the true survivors are the ones with the intangibles. Tyrion

The Geek Feminist Revolution Has Arrived

Tor Books Kameron Hurley is the author of The Geek Feminist Revolution, a book of essays that explores some of

The Future of Detroit Goes on Display in Venice

1 / 8 Salam Rida 2 / 8 Salam Rida 3 / 8 Salam Rida 4 / 8 Venice Architecture

‘Wifi Whisperer’ Siphons Your Data in the Creepiest Way Possible

Kyle McDonald If you’re connected to a wireless network, odds are high that little bits of data are trickling out of your