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Researchers find a way to snoop on you through your phone’s vibration motor

Cover up your webcam, disable microphone access and put on your tinfoil hat — but it won’t make any difference,

Photo-sharing app for health professionals, Figure1, adds direct messaging

Figure1, which started out as a photo-sharing app for medical professionals, has quietly added direct messaging to its platform, showing

T-Mobile is giving every customer a share of its stock

T-Mobile had another of its un-carrier events today, which now have so many regular giveaways they are starting to look like

Facebook Live attacks Twitch with game streaming

If people spend a lot of time doing something on the Internet, you can bet Facebook wants a piece. Its

Facebook is disabling messaging in its mobile web app to push people to Messenger

Facebook is removing the messaging capability from its mobile web application, according to a notice being served to users: “Your

Instagram’s new algorithm that puts the best posts first goes live for all

If you’re looking at your Instagram today, you might notice something has changed: older posts from friends and other accounts

Snapchat secretly acquires Seene, a computer vision startup that lets mobile users make 3D selfies

Advertisement Snapchat has acquired 3D photo app maker Seene (also known as Obvious Engineering) a couple of months ago, TechCrunch

Facebook kills off Notify news app

Facebook’s attempt at a real-time, notification-based news app is shutting down. Today Facebook sent an alert to users telling them

Commerce at Twitter is not dead

The reports of commerce’s death at Twitter have been greatly exaggerated, according to a tweetstorm by Nathan Hubbard, Twitter’s head

Gawker CEO Nick Denton goes after thin-skinned Silicon Valley billionaires

Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton joined Kara Swisher on stage at Vox Media’s Code Conference next to an empty chair

Google tests a feature that tells you which apps to remove when you run out of room on your phone

Running out of room on your smartphone is a problem many mobile consumers have today, thanks to sizable photo, video,

Tile raises $18 million to make personal belongings easy to find

To help people find lost, stolen or misplaced personal effects with the proverbial touch of a button, a startup called

The best Meeker 2016 Internet Trends slides and what they mean

Mary Meeker’s essential 2016 Internet Trends Report 4 hours ago by Josh Constine Facebook’s new DeepText AI categorizes everything you write 1

Facebook’s new DeepText AI categorizes everything you write

If Facebook knows what your status update is about, it can show it to people who care about that topic.

It might be time to stop looking for the WeChat of the West

Hamish McKenzie Crunch Network Contributor How to join the network I was recently in China, which meant I was living