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Bird’s-eye view: using Avegant’s Glyph headset to pilot a drone

    Tweet Share Despite my best efforts over the years I have never managed to master the art of

Celebrate friendship by watching this new trailer for Broad City’s third season

[embedded content]     Comedy Central released the most substantive look yet at Broad City‘s third season this afternoon, and

How the team behind Firewatch made a thrilling game about being alone

Tweet Share Sean Vanaman doesn’t feel so well. It’s Monday afternoon, the day before his studio, Campo Santo, is set

Face Swap Live: a 99-cent app that will give your friends and family nightmares

    Tweet Share The middle photo, above, is me disguised as GOP presidential primary nominee Donald Trump. To the

NASA’s crazy 18-propeller wing test looks like a scene out of Mad Max

(NASA)     Tweet Share Meet the Hybrid Electric Integrated Systems Testbed, or HEIST. If it looks like the Doof

HBO Now has ‘about 800,000 paying subscribers’ 10 months after launch

(Chris Welch / The Verge)     Tweet Share HBO was supposed to have a big hit on its hands

New 1-Terabit internet satellites will deliver high-speed internet to remote areas

(The previous generation ViaSat-2)     Tweet Share US-based satellite company ViaSat is teaming up with Boeing to create and

Even Congress is making jokes about Coldplay’s Super Bowl performance

(Matt Cowan/Getty Images)     Tweet Share Chris Martin and the members of Coldplay likely woke up Monday morning feeling

Burger King has its ‘iPad moment,’ announces two hot dog SKUs

    Tweet Share Last night, Burger King announced one the biggest changes to its product lineup since chicken: a

Watch the first trailer for The Purge: Election Year

[embedded content]     Tweet Share What happens when an enterprising senator attempts to bring an end to the Purge?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script coming this summer, saving you trip to London

(Pottermore)     Tweet Share The continuation of Harry Potter’s story won’t be limited to the theater. The script for Harry

I drank beer and wrote release notes with the Medium release notes team

    Tweet Share In May of last year, I posed a question on Twitter: Do you ever get the feeling

Can PewDiePie grow up without alienating his fans?

    The biggest star on the internet is sad. “This is going to be a hard video to make,”

First US organ transplant from an HIV-positive donor to take place at Johns Hopkins

(KRISTOPHER RADDER/U.S. Navy)     Tweet Share The first American kidney and liver transplants between people with HIV will be

Netflix’s Beat Bugs is a kids’ show built around the music of The Beatles

[embedded content]     Tweet Share A diverse collection of popular musicians have come together to record a compilation of