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RTX Theater: Showing off Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels with a new EVGA RTX 2080 SUPER GPU

Trisha came by the Newegg studio to play Metro Exodus’ new expansion, The Two Colonels. The beefy gaming PC she

RTX Theater: Spotting the real-time ray tracing features in Control using an EVGA RTX 2080 SUPER GPU

Trisha locks and loads her super-powered telekinetic gun in Control to take down some bad guys and watch Nvidia’s impressive

What to know about Western Digital Ultrastar Helium Drives

JC gives the Newegg breakdown on Western Digital’s flagship data center drive, the Ultrastar https://bit.ly/2lMsPEU. Complete with HelioSeal technology and

How to configure Logitech Lightsync RGB lighting to match your screen

In this video, JC walks you through the setup and special features of Logitech’s Lightsync-enabled RGB gaming peripherals, which can

Quick Look: EVGA RTX 2060, 2070, and 2080 SUPER Nvidia GPUs

Trisha takes a quick dive into EVGA’s new line of impressive graphics cards https://bit.ly/2NDH9ev. These cards all hail from the

Is the MMORPG game genre dead?

JC asks the question that all fans of EverQuest and World of Warcraft have been asking for years: Are MMOs

Pixel Pals: From Regular Ryu to Hot Ryu (and many more)

Trisha gathers up all different Pixel Pals https://bit.ly/33NdSDT hanging out in Newegg Studios to do one big role call. Characters

MSI X570 Motherboards: Godlike, ACE, and Gaming Pro Carbon

MSI’s Ryzen 3000-ready X570 motherboards https://bit.ly/2Zdxh1c have a lot to offer PC builders and gamers, whether you’re looking for a

Hear the click of Logitech’s new GL switches in the G815 and G915 keyboards

Logitech has launched two new stylish, low-profile gaming keyboards, the G815 https://bit.ly/3064V6v and the wireless G915 https://bit.ly/2yYAQtw. With the new

AMD EPYC Rome and Supermicro: Up to 128 cores, pre-installed

Michael Detwiler from AMD and Dwight Looi from Supermicro join Trisha in the Newegg Studio to talk about their exciting

Corsair explains what’s behind the new PCIe 4.0 MP600 SSD

Corsair’s Aaron Neal visited the Newegg studio to talk to Trisha about the new MP600 solid state drive https://bit.ly/31rbzEq, a

Quick Look: Samsung CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor

Trisha quickly breaks down Samsung’s new curved gaming monitor, the CRG5 https://bit.ly/2GPXb0N, in this Quick Look. The CRG5 currently sells

L I Q U I D C O O L: An electro / synthwave mix for PC building

It’s hot out there. Stay inside and chill out while you build or upgrade your PC, accompanied by just the

Gigabyte AORUS breaks down AMD Ryzen 3000 X570 motherboards and new hardware

To celebrate the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 CPUs, JC Bagnell talks with AORUS rep Matt Hurwitz to break down

Gigabyte AORUS highlights new KD25F and CV27F tactical and esports gaming monitors

JC Bagnell is joined by Gigabyte AORUS rep Matt Hurwitz to break down these new 25-inch and 27-inch gaming monitors.