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Final Fantasy 15 Mobile Game Justice Monsters 5 Announced

During tonight’s Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event, Square Enix announced Justice Monsters Five, a mini-game that will be available on

Final Fantasy 15 Movie 'Kingsglaive' Announced

During tonight’s Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event, Square Enix revealed a new feature-length Final Fantasy XV movie, Kingsglaive, which stars

Final Fantasy 15 ‘Brotherhood’ Anime Series Announced

At the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event tonight, Square Enix revealed Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, a new five-episode animated series

Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Officially Confirmed

At today’s Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event, Square Enix officially announced that Final Fantasy XV will launch worldwide on September

American McGee's Spicy Horse Studio Suffers Job Losses

American McGee’s Shanghai-based studio, Spicy Horse, has reduced its staff to a core team. According to McGee, the plan moving

New Finding Dory Characters Unveiled

With the release date of Finding Dory fast approaching, today we got a new glimpse at several characters joining the

'Leaked' Mass Effect: Andromeda Survey Hints at New Info

New details about Mass Effect Andromeda may have been leaked online. Before we get into it, this story comes from

The Flash: "Flash Back" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below. This week’s Flash episode was a slightly bittersweet experience. Make no mistake, “Flash

The Bold New Age of Space Simulators

It feels a smidge strange to describe Star Citizen as niche. The long-gestating rebirth of the Chris Roberts-style space simulator

The Tick Reboot Could Change Superhero Landscape

In today’s crowded superhero landscape, Amazon’s The Tick reboot has the chance to “do something really different.” Created in 2001,

Unboxing This $120 Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku Figure

Unboxing This $120 Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku Figure March 30, 2016 We take a deeper look at Play Arts Kai’s

This 16-Year-Old Hacked Into Steam & Released a Ridiculous Game

A 16-year-old has got his 45-second-long ‘game’ onto Steam without a single person at Valve setting eyes on it. Watch

The Path: "What the Fire Throws" Review

Hulu’s new 10-episode drama, The Path, executive produced by Friday Night Lights’ Jason Katims and Jessica Goldberg (who created the

12 Game Developers' Advice For Breaking Into the Industry

12 Game Developers’ Advice For Breaking Into the Industry March 30, 2016 Do you want to make games for a

The Blacklist Getting Possible Spinoff Starring Famke Jannsen

NBC is developing a potential spinoff of The Blacklist, starring X-Men and Taken actress Famke Jannsen. The Hollywood Reporter says