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Soulcalibur VI – Amy Character Reveal | PS4

The Stage of History would like to welcome back Amy to the battlefield! Use her mighty Albion to take on


FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE ARDYN depicts the story of Ardyn Izunia, the main nemesis in FINAL FANTASY XV. The story

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn – Prologue | PS4

FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE ARDYN depicts the story of Ardyn Izunia, the main nemesis in FINAL FANTASY XV. The story

Kingdom Hearts 3: All Frozen Slider Treasures to Earn Orichalcum+

Here’s how to find all 10 treasures in the Frozen Slider minigame, so you can earn an Orichalcum+ to make

The Best Weapons in Apex Legends

With so many weapons in Apex Legends, it can get overwhelming to find one that fits your playstyle. To see

Cupid Spreading Love In Valentine… On Valentine’s Day – Dirty Arty: Chapter 14

It’s Valentine’s Day in Valentine! So what better way to celebrate the holiday than with Dirty Arty playing Cupid and

Anthem’s Microtransactions: Everything You Need to Know

A look at all of the microtransactions currently available in the Anthem cosmetic store. 10 Minutes of Anthem Grandmaster –

Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Review

Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone multiplayer Reviewed by Brandin Tyrrel on Xbox One X. Crackdown 3: The First 15 Minutes: Crackdown

New Detective Pikachu Trailer Is Nightmare Material – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Daily Fix: A horrifying new look at Detective Pikachu’s Pokemon, the official departure of Batfleck, and your chance

Umbrella Academy: Season 1 Review

Netflix’s first foray into the superhero genre without Marvel is a confident and hilarious trip. Here’s our spoiler-free review of

The Origin of Every Character in Jump Force

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t know your Kenshins from your Kenshiros? We’ve got you covered. Here are the origins of all 40

Star Wars: Episode 9 Wrap Photo – Every Tiny Detail We Noticed

JJ Abrams released the first clear photo of the main characters in Episode IX to commemorate the end of filming!

Apex Legends: Executions Only Challenge – Hot Keys

Join James, Steven, and Andres as they challenge each other in Apex Legends to see who can get the most

Metro Exodus First 90 Minutes Gameplay Live With Ben and Chastity

(Brought to you by Metro Exodus) Join us as we take a trip into the dangerous world of the Metro!

Long Shot Trailer (2019) Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron

Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) is a gifted and free-spirited journalist with an affinity for trouble. Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is