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How To Design A Professional Typographic Vintage Logo ✍🏻

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The 8 Things You Must Know To Run A Successful Business w/Marcus Whitney

In this livestream we’re going to have Marcus Whitney on the show talking about how you can begin a side

Top 4 Of My Favourite Fonts in 2020 💥

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Pocket Full Of Do AMA w/Misty Gonzalez

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How To Use Mockups To LEVEL Up Your Design Game!

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Unlearning Is The Key To Learning

We live in a time of abundance when it comes to information, but some bits contradict others. You also have

How To Design A Vintage Whisky Brand 🧐

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Reviewing Your Designs On Reddit! Ep2 ❓

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How Much Should You Charge To Make Money

How much should you charge as a small creative business? Author and naming expert, Eli Altman, shares practical advice and

Re-Designing My Entire Logo Portfolio! 👨🏻‍💻

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Bad Bosses—How To Respond & Establish Clear Boundaries (Role-play)

You may find yourself in this situation where a boss or manager takes advantage of your good nature. How to

How To Get Your First Design Client

How do you get your first client? What practical advice on how to get your first job? Author of Run

How To Get Known & Capture Attention in 2020

Stop selling. Marketing is an act of generosity. How can you improve the lives of people you want to attract?

Top 5 INCREDIBLE App Icon Designs 2020!

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4 Amazing Ways To Present A Logo Design 🤩

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