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Creating Brand Chemistry w/ Laura Beauparlant

It takes way more than just being really good at what you do to start and run a successful business.

How To Find Your Creative Niche – 2020❓

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Speak More Confidently: An Introverts Guide to Working with Clients

Why is it so hard to speak up in meetings? How do you know what to say? What can you

How To Design Your Own Font 2020

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How To Create Your Ideal Client w/ Greg Hickman

Do you FIND Bad Clients or do you MAKE Bad Clients? Perhaps it is both. Can you create your ideal

The Best Productivity App For Designers? Notion?

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I Paid 5 Designers On Fiverr To Design The SAME Logo… 🧐

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this #Ad video with #Fiverr! Big thanks again to the designers who took part!

3 Tips to Have a Long and Successful Creative Career

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5 Need To Know Adobe Fresco Tips! 2020 😲

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The Worst Mistake In logo Design ⁉️

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Why I Started To Charge $10k Per Day—The Whole Story

Getting paid $18,000 in a day for consulting sounds too good to be true. And for our founder Chris Do,

Business Advice For Small Creative Firms w/ David C. Baker

As your opportunities grow or shrink, it’s hard to know how to respond. Do you expand your capacity or improve

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram And Get More Followers

How to use hashtags on Instagram to grow your following and reach a new audience? It’s best to use a

Why Your Instagram Carousels Are Being Ignored— Use AIDA technique How to create carousels that people actually look at and engage with? The key—use the AIDA method. Attention—grab someone

How I Use The iPad Pro 2020 For Graphic Design | Tutorial 👨🏻‍💻

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