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Project Management – How to Break Down Projects

How do you plan and setup web projects, branding projects, video projects, or motion design projects? What method do you

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Freelancer? – My Confession

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How to Promote Your Passive Income Business— w/ Melinda Livsey Ep. 15

Want to know how to promote your products? Want to know how to onboard customers? How should you build awareness

The 4 Different Types of Buyers And How to Handle Them

Ever wanted to know the four different types of buyers are? Want to know how to deal with them? In

Logo Design Hunting In LAS VEGAS STRIP!

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How Can I Be My Own Client? Be Your Own Boss— w/ Melinda Livsey Ep. 14

How can I be my own client? Ready to take the plunge and leave client work behind? Be your own

How To VCTORISE Your Logo Lettering – Graphic Designer

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Taking Risks – Changing Careers

Have you ever wanted to switch careers, but were afraid of what you would be sacrificing? Is it time to

First Look & Unboxing BenQ SW271 – 14 bit monitor

Accurate color is very important when doing client work. Want to know what monitor is best for doing color accurate

Limiting Beliefs: Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential

Do the words NO and FAIL intimidate you? Why do we fear rejection? Why do we avoid failure, when it

The BEST NEW Laptop For Graphic Designers – CES 2019 🔥

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5 Things You Should NEVER do on a Sales Call – 3 min

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes you can make in a client meeting. What can you do to close more

Generating Creative Momentum Livestream

Joana Galvão and José Freitas met at Kingston University in London, England. Joana was studying Graphic Design and Photography, and

Let’s Make This Book Happen! –Kickstarter Promo

Be a part of this: Help us reach our stretch goals– we have 7 days left! If we reach

Atomic Design – How To Make Web and UI Design Easier

What is Atomic Design? What are design systems? How can you speed up your web design process? Ever set out