PC Build: CLG Marksman’s new Intel i9-10900K gaming PC

Justin Robey of Robeytech is putting together a new build for gaming pro Marksman of CLG. An Intel i9-10900K CPU is the heart of the build, with a Gigabyte RTX 2080 GPU and Z490 AORUS MASTER motherboard providing elite-level gaming power. The build also features masses of Seagate storage and a Rosewill Cullinan MX Tempered Glass RGB case.

And if that wasn’t cool enough – Robey is building a second identical system to give away. Stay tuned to Newegg and CLG for more details on how to win.

Check out the full build list below, and make sure to check in on Robeytech and Marksman on their channels for more coverage of the new PC!

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If you’re looking for an instructional video to help you build you own PC, we’ve got you covered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npGL2-pRXlU
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Check out Justin and CLG’s pages on Newegg
Robeytech: http://newegg.io/robeytech
Marksman: http://newegg.io/Marksman
CLG Hub page: http://newegg.io/clg

Disclaimer: Newegg is a sponsor of CLG

Intel Core i9-10900K CPU: https://newegg.io/68e625a
GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2080 Super GAMING OC Video Card: https://newegg.io/c2a9499
GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS MASTER: https://newegg.io/9c647b6
CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 Desktop Memory: https://newegg.io/776ee2c
Seagate IronWolf 6TB Hard Drive: https://newegg.io/0baa48e
Seagate FireCuda 510 M.2 SSD: https://newegg.io/c7d26a1
ROSEWILL CULLINAN MX Tempered Glass RGB ATX Mid Tower Computer Case: https://newegg.io/99a5098
CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM, 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler: https://newegg.io/530c0a0
CORSAIR RMx Series RM850x Full Modular Power Supply: https://newegg.io/a4114139
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit: https://newegg.io/a6e54321
Thermaltake AC-048-CN1NAN-A1 TtMod Sleeve Cable: https://newegg.io/81d2aea
GIGABYTE G27FC 27″ 165Hz 1080P Curved Gaming Monitor: https://newegg.io/2f08821

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0:00 Introduction
2:04 Parts walkthrough
7:38 Build starts
9:52 CPU install
11:03 RAM install
11:41 M.2 install
16:12 Case reveal
16:38 Stripping down the cases
18:23 Installing the 6TB NAS drives
21:58 AIO install, pt 1
22:49 Backplate installation
25:12 AIO cabling
26:51 AIO fan installation
27:29 AIO install, pt 2
36:18 2 PCs means twice the cable management
39:01 Front panel connectors
41:01 GPU install
44:45 GPU cabling
46:18 Cable management, pt 1
48:06 PSU install
54:16 Cable management, pt 2
56:36 PC boot!

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