Failory – Learning from Failure and Mistakes


Failory is a community visited by startup founders aiming to learn from other entrepreneurs failures and successes. With the objective of helping entrepreneurs achieve financial independence and do not fail in building their business, the maker of Failory, Rich Clominson, has been publishing interviews with failed and successful entrepreneurs for 1 year now.


After having failed with many side projects, Rich decided that no other people should commit the same mistakes other entrepreneurs were committing. So, in only 13 days, he set up the website and start interviewing entrepreneurs who had a failed venture.


Apart from the interviews, Failory publishes blog articles which aim to help startup founders on different entrepreneurial topics, such as how to name a startup, or how to build the MVP of your business idea.


If you are about to start your own business, or already have a venture, make sure you check out the website. It can save you from losing thousands of dollars!