Four Tips on How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Do you use instagram? Do you want a lot of followers? Do you envy those who have a lot of followers and wonder about their secrets? Of course you do. Well you’re in luck, because I’m going to tell you all about the secrets of all of those people on Instagram that you envy.

• Network with Influencers.

Hanging out with the right people gets you noticed by other people who wish they had the ability to be liked by the right people. It’s just like in high school. If you have something to offer the cool kids, they’ll make you cool by default. So be the brand they want on their side. Be careful, though, like the cool kids in high school, influencers can be notoriously flaky and may turn on you if it’s in their best interest.

• Be Creative and Funny

These are the social soft skills you need to cultivate to get the influencers onto your side. Nobody likes a downer, and if you’re excellent at creating content that people truly wow at, then you’re going to draw a crowd. Drawing a crowd means more followers. The only problem here is that if you have a bad day or don’t keep up with the trends, then the crowd is going to go elsewhere.

• Stay Current and Go Where the Crowd Does

Trends are your lifeblood. If you don’t know why people are wearing porkpie hats when those hats come back into style (any day now) then you’re going to be left out. It’s a badge of dishonour. It’s how the cool kids know you’re not one of them, and if you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to be a member of the tribe. If you can somehow crack the code to setting the trend (perhaps through your viral content) then you’ve got the golden key to the chocolate factory that is the Instagram elite.

• Get Yourself An Instagram Follow Bot

Work smart not hard. Nothing succeeds like success. Sure, these are cliches, but they’re also true. Listen to what I’m saying here. You can easily spend years going through the first steps in this list and still not get anywhere. One misstep with the wrong influencer, one bad photo with your hair out of place, and one cause you shouldn’t have followed, and there goes all of your hard work. Do you honestly think that anyone ever actually goes through these first three steps to get to the heights of anything? No. They don’t. Only chumps go through the first three steps. They pay a service to get an instagram follow bot, which gets them the first handful of followers, and it’s this core number that provides the jumpstart that attracts other followers to follow them.


We’re all in love with the idea of the overnight success, but it never happens. If you want to be achieve everyday average levels of success at something, then work hard and put the hours in. But if you want truly elite levels of success, then you’re going to need to cheat. When you’re done, you can talk-up the careworn narrative about how you picked yourself up by your bootstraps, but until you buy yourself an instagram follow bot, enjoy your mediocrity. I’ll be over here with the cool kids.