Mobile PDF to Word Converter Review

Edit Your PDFs On The Go


A few days ago, I needed to make some small changes on my PDF document, but unfortunately, my desktop computer was out of my reach. So, equipped only with my iPhone and Internet, I looked for some mobile app that could do the work. There were many apps on the App Store that offered PDF editing and I chose an optimal and free solution, of course.


PDF to Word Converter helps you edit your documents by converting PDFs into modifiable MS Word files. It is a free app that delivers great conversion results and later on allows simple editing. This productivity app is available on both platforms, iOS and Android. In this article, we are going to look at the PDF to Word Converter app.


Features offered by PDF to Word Converter


Here is the list of services offered by PDF to Word Converter:


  • No limits on file size or number of converted files.
  • Excellent PDF to Word conversion quality.
  • Scanned and complex PDFs can be converted as well.
  • Industry-leading OCR technology.
  • You can convert Gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive directly from our app.
  • Layout, formatting, tables, images and text look exactly like the original.



As you can see, this app is focused on problem-solving, that is conversion and plenty of its features are oriented toward enhancing conversion experience and offering additional options. It’s nice to have a simple app that does exactly what it says and without many unnecessary features. The feature that I like the most is the possibility to convert scanned PDF documents since I have many of these documents and I can’t change one single thing on them.


Another great thing is that it’s possible to convert documents from Gmail attachments and common cloud services directly from the app. I find it very useful given that I store most of my documents on Google Drive. Also, it’s very handy when you need to manage your documents on the go.

User Interface and Technical Aspects

Once we saw functionalities of PDF to Word Converter, it’s time to cover the user interface and design. When you open this productivity app, you will be greeted with a neat and user-friendly interface. There are no ads or any other distraction, but you immediately get straight to the point. Just select the document you need to convert and when the process is completed you’ll find your file among converted documents. In order to edit it further, simply open the document in Word app and make indispensable changes.


The best part is that the conversion is performed on the servers, so the whole process won’t affect your phone’s battery.


To sum up, PDF to Word Converter is a great option when you need to manage your PDFs on the move. It will help you get the work done just as you were using your desktop computer. So, in case you deal with a lot of PDFs, make sure to download PDF to Word Converter app.