Share: Facebook Pages are being hacked or stolen and no actions taken by Facebook

Facebook is becoming a rival to google as an advertising platform, the reach is massive. Owning a Facebook page with a big community is a major mean of income for an increasing number of online professionals.

You would expect Facebook management to pay great care to Facebook pages and their security, but that isn’t the case unfortunately.

Do you know that you can be removed from your own page, without having the right to dispute that action or even be told beforehand? Well that is how it works.

As an owner of a few Facebook pages, one of my Facebook pages got removed from me right under my eye, i am struggling to convince Facebook that i own that page, even though you can clearly see the page pointing to my domain as its website, the domain is owned under the same email i contacted Facebook with, also this is besides being the creator of that page and managing it for 2 years.

You would argue that my case is special yes? Let me show you this Facebook page titled Deleted as an Admin of my own Fan Page

So what would you do in case the same happens to you? You need to dig your way out of Facebook Pages help section into a form which you can actually report the theft in, most Facebook help support responses redirect you to a page which explains pages and their roles as you can see here, which is absurd.

So you have dug your way out of the help section to one of those following pages which you could contact Facebook with: 1 2 3, What’s next ?

They have automated responses for you with the following text ” Thank you for your confirmation. At your request, we have closed your intellectual property report and have passed this to the team best able to help with your Page admin issue. If in the future you wish to assert that the reported content violates or infringes your legal rights, such as copyright or trademark, you should make a new report, which you can submit here“, and “here” is the same form you filled.

What should you do? i suggest filling the forms over and over until you get an actual response, or try to contact an actual personnel of Facebook that can help you with this matter, here is a response from someone who got his page back:

“But we kept continue writing them, and I even searched for real persons at facebook. I searched for pictures of facebook london office and I wrote those who were tagged and who I thought belongs to facebook. And I got replay from one guy, he asked which page is it, I wrote him the whole situation, and 3 hours later, I got my page back.”

Please share this, and let Facebook pay attention to what is happening and find a solution for it.