HP uses 'Star Trek' universe to hype its next-gen technologies in new ad

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Borrowing some of the science fiction cool from the Star Trek franchise, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has unveiled a new commercial that weaves future concept technologies into the imaginary world of Starfleet.

In the one-minute spot, we’re taken to an unnamed alien planet as a Star Trek Starfleet Academy instructor guides a group of cadets to a location where a holographic display assists the instructor as he describes “the machine,” which is supposed to be a new way of computing. 

I asked the company’s representatives if “the machine” is real and, if so, what, exactly, it is. I was given nothing concrete, only broad generalities about research into a new way of computing from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. So in that respect, until we hear more detail, “the machine” sounds more like a concept than a reality. Along those lines, several HP-branded concept technologies will also appear in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond film. 

Nevertheless, as means toward imbuing the Hewlett Packard brand with a dose of sci-fi, this is a pretty (albeit product placement-driven) attempt. The related film, Star Trek Beyond, debuts on July 22. 

Source: Mashable.com Tech