The New XBOX is a PC?! – WAN Show Dec 13, 2019

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The Instagram “Design World” With Roy Cranston

New York based designer, Roy Cranston will be joining our show to talk about what it takes to design a

Xbox Series X means you’ll have a choice for next gen gaming

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next gen gaming console and its reveal speaks a lot about Microsoft’s parallel console

The Truth About Latercase

Latercase – ($10 off for next 24 hours) If you were an early adopter you will see the $10

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – The Dawning Official Trailer

Watch the trailer for Destiny 2’s holiday event and join in the celebrations when The Dawning begins on December 17,

Red Dead Online – Moonshiners Trailer

Peddle white lightning as a black-market bootlegger in the latest Frontier Pursuit, Moonshiners, available now in Red Dead Online.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Official Safi’jiiva Siege Trailer

Take a look at the new monster, Safi’jiiva, which comes to Monster Hunter: Iceborne as part of the second free

Jump Force – Law and Grimmjow Official DLC Trailer

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from Bleach and Trafalgar D. Water Law from One Piece are available now as part of Jump Force’s

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Official Broly Launch Trailer

Broly [DBS] is available now as part of the FighterZ Pass 2 for Dragon Ball FighterZ. #gametrailers

Adam Savage Chats with The Expanse’s Dominque Tipper and Steven Straight

During his revisit of The Expanse set, Adam sits down with Dominque Tipper (“Naomi Nagata”) and Steven Straight (“Jim Holden”)

Xbox Series X just announced at Game Awards: Full Reveal Clip

Phil Spencer just announced the new console live on stage at the Game Awards. The Xbox Series X, the next

Apple Pro Display XDR: A Grand Stand?!

The Pro Display XDR and Pro Stand are already infamous. But here’s what it’s like to actually use them. Mac

Bravely Default 2 Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2019

The next chapter in the Bravely Default saga is has been announced and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Surgeon Simulator 2 – Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2019

Arriving in 2020, the electrifying sequel that is Surgeon Simulator 2 promises to inject a delirious dose of adrenaline straight

Warframe – Empyrean Expansion – Official Launch Trailer | The Game Awards 2019

Take flight in co-op spaceship dogfights with the new Empyrean expansion for Warframe, available now on PC, and coming soon