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Inside Xbox Episode 2: Meet Maya from Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Meet Maya, 1 of 4 playable characters in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. Catch her in the new trailer during the April 10th episode of #InsideXbox. Live at 6:30PM EST / 3:30PM PST.

Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Sea of Thieves

Ahoy, Xbox gamers! The Tips & Tricks team is here with 5 tips for Sea of Thieves. Swab the poop deck and fill up your tankards! This pirate-themed, multiplayer adventure will hook your imagination, and launch you into a treasure hunting obsession! But if you don’t want to end up in Davey Jones’ Locker avast, ye! With these 5 tips we’ll teach you things like how to meet up with your crew and keep your ship in top shape, plus a handful of quick tips to help you become the best pirate around! For even more strategies and tactics on today’s hottest games, plus plenty of other gaming-related fun, Be sure to watch Tips and Tricks live on Mixer,  Every Tuesday at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern   https://Mixer.com/TipsAndTricks

This Week on Xbox: April 6, 2018

This week’s episode features new Backward Compatibility titles, a look at the next episode of Inside Xbox, new Games with Gold to download and much more.

Impact Winter Launch Trailer

Impact Winter is now out on Xbox One! You can buy it digitally on XBL.

Spyro™ Reignited trilogy – All Scaled Up Reveal Trailer

Spyro’s back and he’s all scaled up! Same sick burns, same smoldering attitude, now all scaled up in stunning HD. Spyro is bringing the heat like never before in the Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy game collection. Rekindle the fire with the original three games, Spyro™ the Dragon, Spyro™ 2: Ripto’s Rage! and Spyro™: Year of the Dragon. Explore the expansive realms, re-encounter the fiery personalities and relive the adventure in fully remastered glory. Because when there’s a realm that needs saving, there’s only one dragon to call.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Announcement Trailer

Multi-award winning Divinity Original Sin 2 is finally coming to Xbox One, presented by Larian Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment. The battle for Divinity has begun. Choose wisely and trust sparingly; darkness lurks within every heart. Master deep, tactical combat. Join up to 3 other players – but know that only one of you will have the chance to become a God.

GTA Online: Target Assault Races Trailer

The Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series races on with a brand new mode. Attention all wheelmen and gunners – it’s time to team up and test your chemistry in a brand new race mode, pitting speed vs precision in a fight for first place. In Target Assault Races, now available to play in GTA Online, teams of two strap into a range of weaponized vehicles – one behind the wheel, and the other on the trigger. The Gunner is responsible for destroying targets from a mounted gun, while the Driver races to outmaneuver the opposition for additional points on each lap. After each lap the Gunner and the Driver switch roles, and whichever team finishes with the most points wins. play now on Xbox One: https://www.xbox.com/games/gta-v

Vampyr – Story Trailer

Fear the Reaper and dive into a strange new world in Vampyr’s Story Trailer Vampyr, the upcoming action-RPG from DONTNOD Entertainment, unveils its wider narrative arcs in today’s Story Trailer. Brought together with an eerie cover of (Don’t Fear) the Reaper, Dr. Jonathan Reid is awakens to a once-hidden world of ungodly creatures, deadly epidemics and vampire hunts. Vampyr releases June 5 on Xbox One with preorders now available. In Vampyr you play as Jonathan Reid, a doctor in 1918 London newly-turned into a vampire following his return from the Great War. Reid is driven by a personal desire to learn who caused his transformation and why, while also working to aid the city against a devastating disease that decimates its citizens. At the same time, Reid must confront his nature as a blood-drinker and the terrible temptation to feed on those he swore to protect. Thrust into a strange

Raiders of the Broken Planet – Hades Betrayal Launch Trailer

Hades Betrayal, the third premium campaign for Raiders of the Broken Planet is out NOW with a totally overhauled progression system that changes the way Raiders of the Broken Planet is played!

TERA: Launch Trailer

TERA is now totally free to play on Xbox One! Experience True. Action. Combat. as you hunt down monsters in an epic MMORPG.

Inside Xbox Episode 2 Arrives April 10, 2018

Everything old is new again as Inside Xbox returns on April 10, 2018. Additional details about the episode’s games and content will be unveiled soon. Tune in April 10 at 6:30pm EST / 3:30pm EST. For more information, visit news.xbox.com/insidexbox

This Week on Xbox: March 30, 2018

This week’s episode features the announcement of April’s upcoming Games with Gold and Xbox Game Pass additions, the launch of Far Cry 5, a massive Spring Sale and much more.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice | Xbox One Trailer

All footage captured directly from Xbox One X and presented in 4K & HDR. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Coming to Xbox One April 11. Pre-order Now and Save 10%: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/Hellblade-Senua-s-Sacrifice/C4Z7QM8FSXM2 From the makers of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and DmC: Devil May Cry, comes a warrior’s brutal journey into myth and madness. Set in the Viking age, a broken Celtic warrior embarks on a haunting vision quest into Viking Hell to fight for the soul of her dead lover. Created in collaboration with neuroscientists and people who experience psychosis, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will pull you deep into Senua’s mind.

Star Wars™ Pinball: The Last Jedi™ Enters Zen Studios’ Pinball FX3 Galaxy Soon

Coming April 17, 2018! The Star Wars Pinball: The Last Jedi pack offers two beautifully crafted pinball tables based on the latest installment of the Star Wars saga. Play through dozens of thrilling game modes based on key moments from the movie, with action featuring Luke Skywalker, Rey, Finn, Chewbacca, R2-D2, BB-8 and Captain Phasma—even Porgs! STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI PINBALL Relive memorable scenes from Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™. Use the Force as you shoot the silver ball around on this beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind pinball table. Survive a First Order onslaught as the Resistance, train Rey in the ways of the Force, and blast away at Captain Phasma as BB-8 defending Finn. Table Features: • Play through six main game modes based on unforgettable moments in the movie • Rey, Finn, BB-8 and Captain Phasma all come to life with realistic 3D character animations • Jump a ramp

SoulCalibur VI: Geralt Showcase

Geralt from The Witcher game series joins the cast of SoulCalibur VI! Learn more about this incredible collaboration with the team at CD Projekt.