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Broken Age Now Available for Xbox One and Windows 10

Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds. The player can freely switch between their stories, helping them take control of their own lives, and dealing with the unexpected adventures that follow.

Conan Exiles – E3 Xbox One/Expansion Teaser Trailer

Conan Exiles hits Xbox One Game Preview on August 16th 2017! That’s not all: a free expansion update will be released at the very same time, expanding the game world from the scorching desert in the south to the frozen highlands in the north! Experience the ultimate multiplayer open world survival game, where you must survive, build, and dominate in the savage world of Conan the Barbarian.

HITMAN™ – Elusive Targets – The Fugitive

The twenty-fifth Elusive Target has arrived! Make sure you’re ready. There are no second chances. Elusive Targets will appear for a limited time only. They can only ever be killed once. Intel will be limited. Plan carefully. If you die during the mission…That is it. When time runs out, they are gone for good. DON’T MISS OUT

FREEdom Rewards Sale

Don’t miss Xbox Store’s FREEdom Rewards Sale June 20-26, 2017

CODE VEIN – Teaser Trailer

Original animation inspired by an upcoming Bandai Namco Entertainment project. Original Animation Credits Production Company: Lizzi Akana LLC Director: Lizzi Akana Character Design/Storyboard Art: Marika Cowan Background Design: Jennifer Leaver Animation: Lizzi Akana, Marika Cowan Compositing: Andrew Macfarlane Music: Fritz Myers (Platitude Music) ©BNEI

CODE VEIN – First Trailer

CODE VEIN is an upcoming action-RPG that will release worldwide in 2018! In the not too distant future, a mysterious disaster has brought collapse to the world as we know it. Towering skyscrapers, once symbols of prosperity, are now lifeless graves of humanity’s past pierced by the Thorns of Judgment. At the center of the destruction lies a hidden society of Revenants called Vein. This final stronghold is where the remaining few fight to survive, blessed with Gifts of power in exchange for their memories and a thirst for blood. Give into the bloodlust fully and risk becoming one of the Lost, fiendish ghouls devoid of any remaining humanity

CODE VEIN is coming!

CODE VEIN is coming to XBOX ONE in 2018!

Life is Strange: Before The Storm – Return to Arcadia Bay

Meet Deck Nine Games, the developers behind Life is Strange: Before The Storm! Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three part standalone story adventure set three years before the events of the first game. This time play as Chloe Price, a rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber in dramatic new story in the BAFTA award winning franchise. Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 releases on Xbox August 31, 2017.

Pillars of Eternity – Announcement Trailer

Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive are now announcing Pillars of Eternity – Complete Edition on Xbox One. Pillars of Eternity, the role-playing game (RPG) was funded by over 70 thousand backers, and created in the spirit of the classic Infinity Engine titles like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. Crafted by Obsidian with careful attention to fan and backer feedback, it is now feature complete, and for the first time, it will take its place in front of your television.

Overwatch – New Horizon Lunar Colony Map Is Now Live on Xbox One!

Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map set in a scientific base on the moon. Built as a first step towards humanity’s renewed exploration of space, the colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation—on human and ape alike. The scientists’ research proved incredibly promising…until, suddenly, all contact and communications with the base were lost. Now, many years later, attacking and defending teams must return to the moon and battle for control of the colony’s facilities, all while they discover clues as to the fate of its previous inhabitants.

Dungeon Defenders II – Launch Trailer

Dungeon Defenders II is out now on Xbox One! Dungeon Defenders II is an Action Tower Defense game that can be played solo, with two players in split-screen or with up to four players online. Create a hero from one of many distinct classes to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning defenses and directly participating in the action-packed combat!

New Roblox Starter Packs!

Fashionista Starter Pack: Become a punk princess with the new Fashionista avatar Starter Pack; Trendy Tycoon Starter Pack: Dress to impress with the new Trendy Tycoon avatar Starter Pack

HITMAN™ – Welcome to The Playground

Try HITMAN for FREE and become the Master Assassin! Play everything in the first location from the game and keep all your progress when you upgrade to the full game. Experiment, Improvise, try things and have fun: Welcome to The Playground. Anyone who downloads the game for free will have full access to everything included in the ‘ICA Facility’ location; – 2 Story missions, including all cut-scenes – 2 Escalations Contracts – 40+ Challenges – 17 Achievements/trophies

Xbox Daily: Live @ E3 Tuesday Highlight Reel

Missed #XboxDaily: Live today? Catch the highlights now!

New Xbox Avatars coming this fall – E3 2017 – Official Announce Video

New Xbox Avatars – for everybody everywhere Create a digital expression of yourself and endlessly customize it whenever and however you want. With a selection of body types, skin tones, emotions, outfits, and props you can be the person in the mirror or anyone else you can imagine.