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Kanye West's new album is called The Life of Pablo, and here's the track list

(Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images) Tweet Share Kanye West has apparently ended his sneaker contest early: the name of his new album, previously referred

President Obama is officially tired of selfies

(Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Tweet Share President Obama may have been filmed using a selfie stick early last year, but he’s finally

Don’t expect the very first Tesla Model 3s to cost $35,000

    Tweet Share The mass-market Model 3 from Tesla is touted for its anticipated $35,000 sticker price before tax incentives,

Elon Musk hasn’t decided how much of the Model 3 to show next month

(ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)     Tweet Share On its fourth quarter earnings call this afternoon, discussion inevitably turned to the upcoming

Yahoo layoffs have begun today, as Mayer tries to turn around her turnaround

Yahoo layoffs have begun today, according to numerous sources, with conference rooms across all its facilities reserved to tell employees

Kanye West will livestream the debut of his new album on Tidal tomorrow

    Tweet Share Kanye West is unveiling the third season of his Yeezy clothing line and his new album T.L.O.P.

Twitter promises to make replies and other features less confusing

    Tweet Share The first step to solving a problem is recognizing there is one. Twitter, which today reported disappointing

Strongest evidence yet found for Zika’s role in birth defects

(Mario Tama/Getty Images)     Tweet Share Zika virus was found in the brain of a fetus, the strongest evidence

Tesla posts big loss in a quarter when investors didn’t see it coming

(Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images)     Tweet Share Building an electric car company from scratch isn’t easy, it turns out. Tesla

Gwen Stefani’s first album in a decade will come out in March

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)     Tweet Share After a decade spent focusing on fashion, motherhood, and TV shows like The

Twitter’s earnings report shows its user base is shrinking

(Kimberly White/Getty Images)     Tweet Share It’s a big day for Twitter. While still scrambling to recover from the

This phone’s packaging doubles as a Google Cardboard VR viewer

(VentureBeat)     Tweet Share Most companies encourage you to recycle the packaging their products ship in, but Alcatel has

Tesla's Model 3 will be shown on March 31st, 'on schedule' for 2017 production

Tweet Share Ahead of its earnings call today, Tesla Motors has announced that it will show its Model 3 —

Kanye West should honor Einstein by changing his album name back to Waves

    Tweet Share For a brief moment in the history of time, Kanye West’s upcoming album was going to

Tesla updates ‘Summon’ feature after Consumer Reports flags safety flaw

[embedded content]     Tweet Share Tesla is updating the “Summon” feature in the Model S and X, introduced earlier this