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Adam Savage’s Rounders Poker Chips and Case Replica!

One of Adam’s favorite movies is Rounders, and he shares the story of his journey to replicate the poker chips

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Human Anatomy Model!

Adam shares one of his new favorite things in the cave: a highly-detailed anatomical model that’s reminescent of the iconic

Using Haptic Gloves to Control an Amazing Telepresence Robot!

We go literally hands-on with the HaptX haptic glove to test its integration with an incredibly dexterous telepresence robot by

Best Day for Museums – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/10/19

When are the best days to visit museums without big crowds? We discuss our strategies to go to attractions during

Skydio 2 Autonomous Drone That Never Crashes!

We check out Skydio 2, the new autonomous drone that is the successor to one of our favorite products of

The Nostalgic Niche Collectibles of ISH

From Lost Boys to Ray Harryhausen, producer Justin Ismael digs deep into the worlds from our pop culture past to

Articulation Innovations of 1000Toys’ Synthetic Human

Toy collectors and figure photographers have long appreciated the figures from 1000Toys, specifically the groundbreaking Synthetic Human design that pushed

Imagining Future Fashion with Sixth-Scale Figure Design

We’re always on the lookout for original creative designs, and the figures of Bryan Lie (aka IMCPLX) are striking not

BigShot Toyworks Engineers Some of Our Favorite Toys

Toys and collectibles don’t come out of nowhere. The engineering, design, and product development for some of our favorite figures

Directing Pixar’s “Wind”, a SparkShorts Film!

We visit Pixar Animation Studios to chat with director Edwin Chang about the process of writing and directing the upcoming

Cybertruck and Half-Life: Alyx – This is Only a Test 528 – 12/5/19

Back from Thanksgiving, it’s a duocast this week as Norm and Jeremy discuss the Cybertruck event and thoughts on Tesla’s

Comfort Builds – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/3/19

The cave is cold so Adam puts on his Deckard coat as we recount our Thanksgiving stories with guest Jen

Reina Koyano Transforms Sneakers into Pin-Up Art

We meet artist Reina Koyano, whose Sole Fatale pin-up art series transforms notable sneakers into characters of her own imagination.

Remixing Pop Culture Icons into Modern Toys

We catch up with ToyQube’s founder Keith Poon to chat about his company’s approach to remixing characters like Astro Boy

Hands-On with AWS DeepRacer Evo Autonomous Race Car!

Tested visits the labs of AWS DeepRacer, the 1/18th scale race car that learns to speed through a track through