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7 PlayStation VR Games You Must Play

There’s loads of great games already out on PSVR, and many more on the way. Here’s 7 you absolutely MUST

PlayStation Store Highlights – 11th July 2018

New Release highlights this week include Bomber Crew, LEGO the Incredibles, and The Spectrum Retreat. PlayStation Access brings you PS4,

Gaming Moments We’re Really Proud Of

Nath’s been bragging about his Horizon platinum this week, which got us all trying to out-do each other by talking

Mugsters – Co-op Sandbox Madness! How Much Will We Argue?

Mugsters is a crazy new physics-based, action puzzle game where you must outrun, out-manoeuvre and outsmart your enemies. There are

7 Beautiful Remakes That Make Our Childhoods Seem Better Than They Actually Were

Ever get the feeling your remembering your childhood being better than it actually was? Well these games certainly aren’t helping.

One-On-Onesie – The Best Bits!

The best bits from 100+ editions of One-On-Onesie over the last three years. Join us every Monday for our new

PlayStation Store Highlights – 4th July 2018

New release highlights this week include Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered, 18 Floors, The Walker and Runbow! PlayStation Access brings you

90’s Games That Show How Lucky We Are Now

The 90’s were great… weren’t they? With Resident Evil 2 Remake being revealed at E3, we went back to play

Bomber Crew PS4 Gameplay – We Should Not Form A Bomber Crew!

Join us as we check out Bomber Crew coming soon to PS4. Can Hollie, Rob, Nath, Dan and Dave make

7 Things Videogame NPCs Are Really Sick And Tired Of

Videogame NPCs have it rough, don’t they? Spending their time making our games feel more alive, and how do we

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – July 2018

The PlayStation Plus monthly games for July have been announced. From July 3rd members can download noir thriller Heavy Rain

PlayStation Store Highlights – 27th June 2018

Highlights this week include The Crew 2, Far Cry 3 Classic, Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope SE, Salary Man Escape,

Black Ops 4 multiplayer gameplay – Watch Us Burn Things

Nath has been playing Black Ops 4 multiplayer, taking a look a the new Specialists and getting to grips with

Lego DC Super-Villains – First Look At Metropolis And Huge Character Line-up!

Our first gameplay of Lego DC Super-Villains, including a look at the custom character creation, the super-prison on Stryker’s Island

PlayStation Store Highlights – 20th June 2018

We’re back from E3! There’s a few things to catch up on from when we’ve been away. Highlights this week