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Newegg Insider: Intel’s 9th Gen CPUs Bring the Power

Intel’s 9th generation of processors https://goo.gl/L1b1mu are finally here, and we’re looking forward to getting them fired up in some

Newegg Insider: The Ultimate Liquid Cooled RTX 2080 Gaming Build

For the release of the RTX 20 series cards, Thertmaltake teamed up with Zotac and Newegg Studios to build a

Newegg Insider: Corsair Carbide and Nvidia RTX 2080 Gaming Build

Nvidia’s Turing powered RTX 2080 https://goo.gl/pLZfif is ready to change the way you play, so we teamed up with Corsair,

Newegg Insider: Meet the Z390 Motherboards

A new generation of CPUs means new motherboards https://goo.gl/Vnktmw. Check out our coverage of some of the most feature-rich motherboards

First Look: Intel 9th Gen CPUs & Z390 Motherboards with ASUS

JJ from ASUS and JC from Newegg team up for a deep dive into Intel’s latest 9th Gen CPUs and

Newegg Now Episode 45: Patriot and Aorus

See all 1-day Newegg Now deals ► http://newegg.io/b95b0dd This week, Trisha and JC are talking to Patriot about the future

Newegg Smart Home: Holiday Smart Tech

The holidays can be stressful, but with a smart home, you can focus less on getting things done, and more

Anda Seat: Durable and comfortable gaming chairs

We all spend a lot of time sitting. That’s why you want a chair that isn’t just comfortable, but looks

Newegg Now Episode 43: Hardware the Pros Use

Shop all 1-day Newegg Now deals ► http://newegg.io/69c6239 This week, JC and Trisha take a look at the hardware pro

ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING – Hits The Sweet spot for AMD PCDIY Gamers & Streamers

JJ from ASUS goes hands-on to provide an overview on the ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming https://goo.gl/xt5t5m. This board has

Newegg Now Episode 42: PC or Console?

See all Newegg Now 1-day deals ► http://newegg.io/0316b97 This week on Newegg Now, Trisha and JC discuss the state of

Newegg Now: Intel Gamer Days

Our Intel Gamer Days edition of Newegg Now live stream is going on today from 10AM – 5PM PT! Watch

Newegg Now Episode 40: Oculus and Creative Labs

Shop all 1-day Newegg Now deals ► http://newegg.io/b4a01c2 This week, JC and Trisha will be going over everything Oculus, including

Threadripper 2nd Generation Interview with AMD’s James Prior

Trisha and JC talk to James Prior from AMD about the second generation of Threadripper https://goo.gl/LTnfn1. This massive new CPU

Newegg Now Episode 38: Threadripper 2nd Gen

Shop all 1-day Newegg Now deals ► http://newegg.io/a1cfe27 This week we have special guest James Prior, Sr. Product Manager of