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Samsung brings an ultrawide gaming monitor and TVs with gaming features to CES 2020

Samsung’s Jason Baruch took Trisha through the company’s gaming display highlights at CES 2020, including the 49-inch ultrawide G9 gaming

Samsung: Foldable phones, 5G, and a new portable SSD with fingerprint security – CES 2020

Samsung had a HUGE booth at CES 2020, showing everything from displays to smart home devices. During the Newegg crew’s

LG’s new 8K TVs are stunning – CES 2020

Semi-pro Elvis impersonator and musician Martin Valdez has a fun day job at LG, and at CES 2020 he took

LG dazzles with new monitors and a 48-inch G-SYNC + FreeSync OLED gaming TV at CES 2020

LG’s Martin Valdez was proud to show the Newegg crew the highlights of the company’s new gaming display options at

Gigabyte’s new gaming monitors can connect to your phone and improve your aim – CES 2020

At the Gigabyte AORUS media suite at CES 2020, Trisha got the scoop on the latest gaming monitors coming from

Corsair debuts new air cooler and LED-studded concept case – CES 2020

Newegg stopped by the Corsair suite at CES 2020 to get the scoop on their new RGB lighting integration with

The liquid-cooled coffee table PC – CES 2020

At the MSI suite, Trisha met up with Dalton. Dalton and a few of his friends worked on created a

MSI’s new laptops, desktops and more at CES 2020

Newegg stopped by to chat with MSI’s Technical Marketing guru, Jorge Meza, to talk about MSI’s new tech. Creator laptops,

The ASUS ROG Z11 case is convertible and angled for better cooling

At CES 2020 Asus showed off their new ROG Z11 case, a compact form factor that can easily convert from

ASUS laptop has a LED LITE-Brite on the back – CES 2020

Trisha met up with ASUS to check out the latest in laptop technology. It has fully customizable LEDs on the

Gigabyte’s new components: Liquid cooler, hard drive, and an external GPU – CES 2020

Trisha stopped by the Gigabyte booth to check out the latest tech that they brought with them to CES. Join

MSI Creator Laptop sports the first mini-LED display panel – CES 2020

Newegg headed to the MSI booth at CES2020 to talk with Jorge Meza about the new MSI Creator Laptop. It’s

Pepcom Highlights – CES 2020

Newegg headed out to Pepcom to check out the latest tech at #CES2020. We chatted with vendors about the latest

CES 2020 preview: From 5G to 8K

We’ve made it to 2020, and JC is here to give you a preview of what to expect from the

What does the Xbox Series X need to do to succeed?

In just the past few weeks, we’ve learned a lot about the next Xbox console. From more horsepower to tons