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Sega is taking Zero Latency's multi-player virtual reality gaming to Japan

Australia’s Zero Latency is heading to Japan. Image: Zero Latency  By Ariel Bogle2016-06-07 04:42:51 UTC Australian virtual reality startup Zero Latency has received rave reviews, including from Mashable, so it seemed only a matter of time before it went global. The Melbourne-based company, which built a multi-player, free-roam virtual reality experience in a inner city warehouse, announced a partnership with Sega Live Creation on Tuesday to take its game to Japan. From July 16, Zero Latency’s virtual reality gaming experience will have a permanent home in Tokyo amusement park, Joypolis. Image: Zero Latency  Zero Latency has created wireless, virtual-reality technology that can track players roaming throughout a warehouse-sized space, unlike most commercially-available headsets such as the HTC Vive, which offer a much smaller perimeter. Up to six players can be active at once and are visible to each other as avatars. In the game, they can work as a team to complete

Björk's new virtual reality experience may be better than Björk in real life

Bjork performs a DJ set during Bjork Digital Opening at Carriageworks on June 4, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. Image: Getty Images By Ariel Bogle2016-06-07 03:06:32 UTC As a DJ, Björk is a stunning virtual reality experience. The iconic producer of lush music and complex visual worlds premiered her new virtual reality exhibition, Björk Digital, at Carriage Works in Sydney, Australia on Friday and Saturday with a DJ set of more than five hours. Tucked into the corner of a carnivorous hall Saturday night rather than on a stage, the singer was surrounded by plants and barely visible, except to those who managed to elbow their way to the front. Others tried to spy her through the magnifying powers of their smartphone camera. Bjork performs a DJ set during Bjork Digital Opening at Carriageworks on June 4, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. Image: Getty Images The difficulty of catching a glimpse of Björk, further shielded behind

HP uses 'Star Trek' universe to hype its next-gen technologies in new ad

By Adario Strange2016-06-06 23:58:48 UTC [embedded content] Borrowing some of the science fiction cool from the Star Trek franchise, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has unveiled a new commercial that weaves future concept technologies into the imaginary world of Starfleet. In the one-minute spot, we’re taken to an unnamed alien planet as a Star Trek Starfleet Academy instructor guides a group of cadets to a location where a holographic display assists the instructor as he describes “the machine,” which is supposed to be a new way of computing.  I asked the company’s representatives if “the machine” is real and, if so, what, exactly, it is. I was given nothing concrete, only broad generalities about research into a new way of computing from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. So in that respect, until we hear more detail, “the machine” sounds more like a concept than a reality. Along those lines, several HP-branded concept technologies will

Hackers, experts decode the magic of 'Mr. Robot' ahead of Season 2

By Sandra Gonzalez2016-06-06 23:29:40 UTC Mashable Debuts exclusively premieres music, videos, artwork, trailers and more. You saw it here first! Season 1 of USA’s Mr. Robot enjoyed the kind of acclaim that freshman shows can only dream of getting, and ahead of the new season, a collection of hackers, actors, experts and superfans are dissecting the code to the show’s success in a new special.  In Mr. Robot Decoded, creator Sam Esmail, stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater, real-life hacker Jeff Moss and several other experts open up about how the show made an extremely technical subject relatable to a wide audience and brought humanity to hackers through main character Elliot.  The special, airing June 20, also looks at much more than the show’s unlikely rise, though. It’s a catch-up for the poor souls who missed Season 1, an exploration of much larger questions about the morality of hacking, and a preview of

Bosch's driverless parking system handles complex parking with ease

Image: Bosch By Nick Jaynes2016-06-06 23:22:13 UTC In the near future, your car will handle the complex parking — even without you in it. Auto-parts-maker Bosch demonstrated its latest partially automated driverless car system in Farmington Hills, Michigan last week. It’s called “home zone park assist” and Bosch expects the tech to make a North American debut in a production car in 2019. Image: Bosch Unlike rudimentary auto-park systems currently on the market like Tesla’s Summon, Bosch’s home zone can handle up to 100 complex parking maneuvers. In order to use home zone, the driver first sets a start point with their smartphone. He or she then drives the route manually at a walking pace. After that first demonstration, the system memorizes the route. It doesn’t just simply blindly follow a route, however. Home zone utilizes 12 ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers, plus stereo video cameras mounted near the

Private companies may profit by turning the moon into a space rest stop

Image: getty images/homegrowngraphics By Jason Abbruzzese2016-06-06 22:03:36 UTC Ranked just after the human desire for adventure and discovery is the drive to make a buck off of whatever has been found. Now, with the privatized space race well under way, there are even designs on the moon.  Moon Express could soon gain approval for the first private space mission to leave Earth’s orbit and land on the lunar surface, a giant leap for business interests in space but a small step toward the eventual goal of making a business out of space travel.  Paul Spudis, a senior staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute and an adviser to Moon Express, said that there are definite business opportunities on the moon — as long as you’re in the business of space exploration.  And as long as you’re patient. “I think part of the problem people have with this is they

Musk: Tesla Model X doors will finally be 'useful' with software update

Tesla Model X Image: Tesla Motors By Nick Jaynes2016-06-06 20:55:18 UTC “I think we’re almost there in making the doors useful,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said of the Model X SUV at the company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting on June 1. I am sure Musk is having a bit of a deprecating laugh with that line. In one flippant remark, however Musk expressed frustration with his own admitted “hubris” surrounding the design and application of the tech-heavy all-electric crossover. Also, he’s highlighting the truth. The X’s headline-grabbing falcon-wing doors have been problematic at best — for owners and Tesla. Accordingly, the electric vehicle maker has been hard at work with a software update to solve some of the issues plaguing the complex doors. Specifically, the embedded sensors that tell the doors how to open in order to avoid hitting people, cars and ceilings have been most troublesome.  “Finally we’ll be at the

If you ask Gigi Hadid's dad, her and Zayn Malik are still together

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid attend the Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology Costume Institute Benefit Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2016 in New York City, NY, USA. Image: Lionel Hahn/Sipa USA/AP Images By Martha Tesema2016-06-06 17:42:41 UTC We seem to be in the midst of breakup season. The downfall of Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris and Demi Lovato/Wilmer Valderrama was hard enough to process—until rumors started swirling about a split between Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.  Thankfully, it seems they are just rumors. At least, according to Gigi’s papa.  Mohamed Hadid, father of Gigi and Bella, semi-squashed the “Zigi” breakup gossip that had been circulating tabloids and social media with a quick conversation with TMZ on June 3. “I’m not even aware of that,” he told TMZ after being approached while in his vehicle. Father Hadid looked confused as to why he was being

On the floor of the world's most depressing tech show

Image: AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying David Ramli for Bloomberg 2016-06-06 14:45:03 UTC Follow @@business The Computex trade show used to be a hot ticket, with flashy music acts and technology industry luminaries. Now? Those who show up bemoan the decline of PCs and its many dependents. Walking the subdued floors found hardware vendors despondent about their chances in a hyper-competitive market and consumers who increasingly favor smartphones instead of PCs. On the trade days, before the show was open to the general public, booth after booth was filled with high-tech gadgets and idle sales staff drinking tea, with virtual reality demonstrations one of the few to draw a crowd. “This year was the worst,” said Mike Yu of Shenzhen BBen Intelligent Technology Group Co., which makes high-end customized laptops on demand. It was the countless desktop computers and laptops launched at the Taipei World Trade Center in years past that cemented

Mercedes' E-Class Wagon is the smartest 7-seater in the world

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon Image: Mercedes-Benz By Nick Jaynes2016-06-06 14:00:00 UTC Ladies and gentlemen, you’re now looking at the smartest wagon in the world. Mercedes-Benz revealed Monday morning that it will be bringing its E400 4MATIC Wagon to the U.S. for the 2017 model year. This is exciting because it’s not just another SUV for luxury buyers to choose from, however, it’s even more interesting because the all-new E-Class on which this Wagon is based is the most connected car in the world. Let me explain. Brands like Tesla and Volvo are rolling out increasingly more semi-autonomous, connected cars. So is Mercedes — but it’s taking connectivity one step further. Image: Mercedes-Benz Along with one of the most robust semi-autonomous driving systems, called DRIVE PILOT (I’m not yelling, that’s Mercedes’ capitalized branding for the tech), the E-Class also offers Car-to-X communication. Constantly acting as both a transmitter and receiver, the

Man's attempt to face swap with the Hulk fails miserably

By Brian Koerber2016-06-06 09:53:04 -0400 Face-swapping technology went from incredibly crude to pretty impressive over the last year, but we’re definitely still working out some kinks. Enjoy this period, because one day this technology may be so good that we don’t have a hilarious failure, like Redditor ZaganOstia attempting to swap faces with this Hulk drink. The horrifying and hilarious result is part of what makes face-swapping so entertaining. Let’s just appreciate it, because one day your knuckle may not be mistaken for a face.  Bonus: Can you find the griffin in this group of eagles? [h/t:Reddit] Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Source: Mashable.com Tech

Guvera says it is misunderstood after 'terrifying' IPO claims

Guvera has faced criticism for its potential IPO from some of Australia’s big tech names. Image: Guvera By Ariel Bogle2016-06-06 08:38:29 UTC After Guvera announced its intention to list on the Australian stock exchange Wednesday, the music streaming platform faced heavy criticism from some of the biggest names in Australian technology. Founded in 2008, the Australian company claims to have 14 million users across 10 countries and what it calls a “brand-funded model.” It offers brands the chance to pay to be associated with channels and playlists, allowing music to be offered mostly for free to users. In Guvera’s view, it is a point of difference from streaming platforms that aim to make money with subscriptions, such as Spotify and Apple Music. The company issued a prospectus indicating it would look for an A$80 million initial public offering (IPO), with a valuation of A$1.3 billion. That raised some eyebrows because, as

Australia's best buildings of 2016 will make you want to move in

University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute, winner in the Best Sustainable Development – New Buildings category. Image: property council of australia By Johnny Lieu2016-06-06 05:17:37 UTC If you’re sick of your crusty old office, here are some of Australia’s best new buildings so you can start daydreaming. On Friday, the Property Council’s 2016 Innovation and Excellence Awards honoured sensational developments across the country. From shopping malls to hotels, the best of Australian architecture was on display.  Taking out the top prize of Australian Development of the Year was the revamp of Sydney’s 50 Martin Place. It’s a heritage building in a Beaux-Arts architectural style, originally completed in 1928 as the home of the Commonwealth Bank. 50 Martin Place, Australian Development of the Year. Image: property council of australia Renovated in 2014, it now serves as the global headquarters for Macquarie Bank, which acquired the building in 2012. It’s not the building’s first award,

One man's quest to pay for lunch with a chip implanted in his thumb

The NFC chip implanted in Meow-Ludo Meow Meow’s thumb. Image: Mashable By Ariel Bogle2016-06-06 03:27:20 UTC By October, Meow-Ludo Meow Meow hopes to leave his wallet at home — maybe forever. The near field communication (NFC) chip he has implanted in the back of his thumb could soon let him make contactless payments and potentially catch public transport. Meow (he had his named changed years ago) is part of a movement of people who are blending their bodies with technology, or biohackers. In fact, the NFC chip is only one part of his dedication to living through experimentation and science. The founder of Biofoundry, a community lab in Sydney, Australia, is also running in the upcoming Australian election as a Science Party candidate. The chip, which feels like a tiny, hard cylinder to the touch, was implanted in April at a piercing studio in Sydney. It wasn’t too painful, he told Mashable Australia, and his

Pet-sitting company sues couple for $1 million over bad review

Gordy has since recovered Image: youtube By Heather Dockray2016-06-05 15:16:40 UTC Fish — one of nature’s most fragile, and litigious, pets. When Michelle and Robert Duchouquette, of Plano, Texas went away on vacation last year, the couple left their two dogs and Betta fish, Gordy, in the hands of Prestigious Pets. After returning from their vacation, the couple noticed that Gordy’s bowl was cloudy — a consequence of overfeeding. So the Duchouquettes posted a negative review on Yelp — and Prestigious Pets countered with a friendly $1 million lawsuit. Seems entirely reasonable. The company claims that the couple had signed a contract agreeing “not to make negative comments about Prestigious Pets and to not disparage Prestigious Pets.” According to the lawsuit, the Duchouquette’s allegations went beyond a simple one star Yelp review and included a variety of written and broadcast mediums, including Facebook, ABC, and NBC. As if that wasn’t ridiculous