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Fortnite X Batman: Exploring Gotham and Batman Gameplay

Tilted Town has become Gotham and Fortnite needs you to save the town as Batman. Glide into the video and

Fortnite x Batman – Official Trailer

The Fortnite Batman crossover is here for Batman Day. Play as the Caped Crusader or Catwoman with some cool bat

Fortnite x Batman Trailer and In-game Challenges

The trailer and in-game challenges for the Batman Fortnite event.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence Guide

Here’s where to go to trade for every item in the famed trading sequence in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s

DKC: Tropical Freeze Speedrun Finished In 1 Hour and 20 Minutes (by michael_goldfish)

Watch michael_goldfish speedrun Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Funky Mode Any%, netting themselves an impressive time of 1 Hour

We’re Finally Getting New Details on Last of Us Part II – IGN Daily Fix

Last of Us Pt. II will be included in Sony’s State of Play next week, a Naruto runner has been

Our PlayStation State of Play Predictions

Jonathon Dornbush and Lucy O’Brien discuss their predictions for the September 24 PlayStation State of Play, including what we might

Borderlands 3 Free Halloween Event Details – IGN Now

Borderlands 3 is kicking off its first limited-time event with Bloody Harvest. Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ——————————— Watch

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Awesome Hidden Nintendo Figures Tour

Learn how to get every cool Nintendo Figurine in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and where to put them

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC Beta Gameplay – Chopper Gunner Killstreak

Check out 7 minutes of gameplay from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare open beta captured on PC! Subscribe to

Smallville’s Tom Welling Returns as Superman in Arrowverse Crossover – IGN Now

Smallville’s Tom Welling is actually, truly, finally reprising his role as Clark Kent in Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

Is Pokemon Sword’s Sirfetch’d Hot or Not? – IGN Now

Pokemon fans are obsessing over Sirfetch’d, the long-awaited evolution of Farfetch’d and overall rad duck-knight. Subscribe to IGN for more!

Tangle Tower: 21 Minutes of Gameplay (Detective Grimoire Sequel)

Check out the opening section of the puzzling new detective game from the makers of Snipperclips. Out now on Apple

Batman Arkham Games Are Free! …On the Epic Games Store – IGN Now

Epic Games store is celebrating Batman by giving away six great Batman games. Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ———————————

12 Weirdest Video Game Mechanics

We may remember a game for its great story or amazing graphics, but all games live or die by their