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The importance of mobile gaming in modern society


It might be hard to imagine a world without apps, but just a few years ago there was very little we could do on our mobile phones. If we wanted to make our mobile phone our own, we were limited to either changing the phone case or even buy or programme a polyphonic version of our favourite song or TV theme to set as a ringtone. But now, there are thousands of new apps added to stores every week that we can download to make our mobile devices do just about everything we want.   When you look at the download charts for Apple or Android devices, the top places are dominated by video games. That’s because gaming is now the most popular activity on our mobile phones, with most people even spending more time on games than using the phone’s original primary function – making calls. Whether you’re into

Now you can search Instagram with multiple hashtags

For as long as i can remember, Instagram users can search Instagram using only one hashtag, which make it nearly impossible to target certain audience. Now there is a website that make searching Instagram with multiple hashtags possible, and you can also search only videos if you want to.   Visit http://hashtagpirate.com Let us suppose you want to target people who are interested in cars around London.   Search for the following hashtags: #Auto #London. Clicking on the search results, to navigate to that post on Instagram website. That is all you need to do, happy Insta hunting.    

Unlocking Phones: Who, Why, How, When?


There’s a lot of questions and misinformation about unlocking phones floating around the web. Locked phones are all around us and are still sold to this day, but fortunately there’s also a lot of legal ways of unlocking them. We will clarify a few questions about unlocking phones:   Who locks phones? Most network carriers lock their phones. They lock them before officially putting them on the market. This is sometimes referred to as “factory locked phone” Why do carriers lock their phones? By locking their phones, they force their users to use only their network services and SIM cards. Other than not being able to use other SIM cards from different carriers, in some cases, they limit their users to certain locations and countries too. Locked phones often come with pre-installed apps, ringtones and logos that you can’t delete. How do you unlock your phone? There are a few

Glow: The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light review


It has been a while since i wrote a review, but since i have just got my pair of Glow headphones i thought why not “just do it” . Glow: The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light ,the title of this project grabbed my attention on Kickstarter.com, and since i am fond of tech stuff i couldn’t stop myself from backing the project even thought i really don’t need another pair of headphones, i have just ordered a pair of Beats Tour 2.0 few weeks before that, and i already owned a pair of JayBird BlueBuds X. The project had a funding campaign of 45 days ( Jan 27 2015 – Mar 13 2015 ) , i pledged $149 for The Kickstarter Special on 28th of Jan 2015. Estimated delivery was on Jul 2015 , but as most Kickstarter projects, you should expect delays. You have three colors to choose from: Red, Green, or Blue. Yes we are done