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5G: What you need to know (CNET Top 5)

Roger Cheng lends us his expertise and shares what to expect from the next generation of wireless networks. Subscribe to

Live-action Gundam movie hires comic book legend | Stream Economy

We really love giant fighting robots (especially when they have human pilots), so we can’t wait for the live-action Gundam

Cracking Open Tile’s Bluetooth trackers

Tile’s latest Bluetooth trackers have longer range and better battery life. But how does Tile fit all that tech into

Boeing’s ‘Loyal Wingman’ drone | What the Future

Boeing Australia revealed a concept for an unmanned drone designed to aid combat pilots on missions. Plus, MIT makes robot

Galaxy Watch Active review: Everything you need for a lot less

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch Active is a sportier take on its flagship smartwatch with all the same great features except

AirPods vs. Galaxy Buds: Which wireless earphones are best?

Samsung’s newest Buds are giving AirPods a run for their money. Find out which ones are the better deal. Watch

Samsung S10 reviews are in (Alphabet City)

Samsung’s latest flagship phone is a winner, according to reviewers. Meanwhile, Google runs into trouble with the US government thanks

How robots are cleaning up Fukushima’s nuclear disaster

When the radiation hot zone is too much, it’s time to send in the robots. Also check out Drones vs.

Which is better: Roku or Amazon Fire TV? (The 3:59, Ep. 528)

Plus, Alexa now works with Roku, and Netflix vs. Spielberg. https://www.cnet.com/news/alexa-speakers-can-now-talk-to-roku-streamers-and-tvs/ https://www.cnet.com/news/roku-vs-amazon-fire-tv-which-streaming-device-is-best-for-netflix-hulu-and-youtube-in-2019/ https://www.cnet.com/news/netflix-subtweets-steven-spielberg-in-feud-over-future-oscars/ Good morning from CNET NY Studios while

SpaceX’s Demo-1 Crew Dragon mission to the ISS: Highlights (No CGI)

Watch SpaceX and NASA make history by launching a commercial rocket from US soil that successfully docks with the International

iPhone XR vs. Pixel 3

We’ve spent six months with these premium phones from Apple and Google. Here are some things to keep in mind

HoloLens 2 creator discusses augmented reality’s future

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman talks with CNET about mixed reality’s challenges and possibilities. Also watch our Microsoft HoloLens 2 deep dive

Galaxy S10 Plus review: It’s an everything phone

Five cameras and killer battery life make Samsung’s phone shine. Also watch our Galaxy S10 5G hands-on at MWC 2019

NASA’s Opportunity is dead, but we’re not done with Mars yet | Watch This Space

Red Rover, Red Rover, Opportunity’s mission is over. As another mission bites the Martian dust, Claire Reilly takes a look

We get brutally honest about the Samsung Galaxy Fold | Nope, Sorry

Watch as Jeff goes head-to-head with Polygon’s Russ Frushtick as they get brutally honest about their feelings on the Samsung