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Mobile PDF to Word Converter Review

Edit Your PDFs On The Go   A few days ago, I needed to make some small changes on my PDF document, but unfortunately, my desktop computer was out of my reach. So, equipped only with my iPhone and Internet, I looked for some mobile app that could do the work. There were many apps on the App Store that offered PDF editing and I chose an optimal and free solution, of course.   PDF to Word Converter helps you edit your documents by converting PDFs into modifiable MS Word files. It is a free app that delivers great conversion results and later on allows simple editing. This productivity app is available on both platforms, iOS and Android. In this article, we are going to look at the PDF to Word Converter app.   Features offered by PDF to Word Converter   Here is the list of services offered by

Youtube will demonetize channels under 4000 hour of watch time and 1000 subscribers

YouTube announced today in the form of an email sent to creators that it will start demonetizing all channels with under 4000 hour of watch time in the last 12 months and 1000 subscriber. We wonder if this change have anything to do with Logan Paul dead body video posted on YouTube weeks ago, yet another big YouTuber pushes YouTube to take dramatic actions against creators. These changes will discourage many creators, and will make them abandon their channels for sure. You have 30 days to reach this threshold or your channel will be demonetized. Below is the email sent by YouTube: Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, ******* , is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with

New update to Facebook coming, you wont see posts from pages you like anymore.

“We’re making a major change to how we build Facebook. I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions”. This has been posted this morning by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. You may read the full post here. This means Facebook will show more stories and notifications from your friends than from the pages you follow, which is sad for me as a page owner and sad for a lot of users that check Facebook daily for funny and interesting videos, and tag their friends and loved ones on them. Facebook organic reach has been declining since the beginning of this year to reach less than 6% by the end of 2017. I run a page of 40,000 fans which posts are seen by no more than 500 people. Expect this to go even lower in 2018. It’s such a

Crew 2 Beta Sign Up Now Open for All Platforms

Crew 2 beta sing up is now open, register here For Playstation, Xbox and PC

Hotels with gaming PCs in rooms! good news for gamer couples on holidays

A hotel in Taiwan started offering more than just TVs in its rooms, there are actual high end gaming PCs as well. These rooms are equipped with more than one gaming PC, and even with high end gaming chairs for cool and comfy gaming experience. This is a link to the mentioned hotel called 168inn. As you can see the PCs are ASUS branded and attached to 32″ Monitors. You may rent a room for around $100 a night (prices depends on season) , and you may even rent on an hour basis if you just want to play.   You may also use their ultimate AV gaming room if you are with a group of friends. Lets hope this becomes a trend all over the world, Gamers like you and me would be happy.  

VR Gloves? That’s Available Now

First Fully Featured, Ultra-Comfortable, High Performance, Affordable Data Glove for VR & AR — Incorporates 6 Unique Haptics, Wireless Technology, & Super Accurate Rapid Sensing Priced on Par with Handheld Motion Sensing Controllers BeBop Sensors, Inc. , the leader in smart fabric sensor technology, announced today the Forte Data Glove, the first fully featured affordable data glove to incorporate haptics, wireless technology, and super accurate rapid sensing for gaming and AR/VR environments. Super Accurate Rapid Sensing with Data Rates at 150 Frames per Second & High Sensor Speeds of 500Hz The BeBop Sensors Forte Data Glove is an ultra-comfortable one-size-fits-all glove, conducive to lengthy Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality sessions due to its light weight and open airy design. Sensor data and haptic commands communicate through Micro USB or Bluetooth wireless to the host device, with Micro USB also charging the internal lithium battery. The glove provides Super Accurate Rapid

Facebook Disables Embedding Youtube Videos In Posts

Facebook silently disables embedding Youtube videos on timeline and pages, this has been happening since the start of 2017. You used to be able to just paste the video link into Facebook post and it will embed the video, users can play it directly from the post and never have to leave Facebook. But now you cant do that even when you copy the embed code from Youtube’s share options. This is their attempt to push users and page owners to use Facebook’s video platform instead, because you would never want your clients to exit your page and head to another website. Will this work? I have witnessed an increase of videos using Facebook platform this year, which seems promising to Facebook, but if you are a content creator and you use Youtube as your main platform, you will have to kiss a portion of your viewer base goodbye or

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كيف تستخدم خاصية اوتو لايك و اوتو فولو لتكبير حساب انستقرام

How To Grow Your Instagram With Free Automation Using

So you have a website or an online business and you want to drive traffic without excessive spending? We all know that pay per click is costly when your business doesn’t bring any income yet. Paying up to $1 per visit and having no sales can be really damaging and might push you to give up. Or maybe you are aiming to just build a fame or a brand out of your self and want to be noticed? Let me tell you about an easy way that has been used by a lot of online marketers to drive traffic with a little to no cost, by using Instagram automation. What is Instagram automation? It means that you use a bot to run your Instagram account, you can specify targeted hashtags or locations for your bot to auto like, auto follow, and auto message your targeted audience. We all know that

Share: Facebook Pages are being hacked or stolen and no actions taken by Facebook

Facebook is becoming a rival to google as an advertising platform, the reach is massive. Owning a Facebook page with a big community is a major mean of income for an increasing number of online professionals. You would expect Facebook management to pay great care to Facebook pages and their security, but that isn’t the case unfortunately. Do you know that you can be removed from your own page, without having the right to dispute that action or even be told beforehand? Well that is how it works. As an owner of a few Facebook pages, one of my Facebook pages got removed from me right under my eye, i am struggling to convince Facebook that i own that page, even though you can clearly see the page pointing to my domain as its website, the domain is owned under the same email i contacted Facebook with, also this is besides being

Buy and Sell Steam Accounts Safely

Its publicly illegal to sell or buy steam accounts as we know, but there are websites that let you buy and sell steam accounts, you just have to do it in a private and safe matter, selling & buying virtual items attract scammers. That is why i suggest this website – Earn Money Playing Games It has an escrow payment system, which means payments aren’t processed until the buyer confirm the ownership of the account, otherwise the payment is refunded, furthermore, sellers are on the safe side as well as they know the money was deposited to pay for the account he intends to sell. Give the website a go,  you can buy & sell Game Accounts, In-Game Items. Offer Raids completion, Boosting, Ranking, and much more.

How to Earn Money Playing Games Online

Best way to earn money playing games online – Make a living by playing games – Make a living by playing games Request and offer all gaming services. By Gamers For Gamers. Game Accounts, In-Game Items, Raids/Missions completion, Boosting, Ranking, and many more. There is no true freelance gaming service out there, we are forced to pay a premium to cover the expensive cost of design, development, and hosting of a website that offer limited services for a limited number of games. The idea of came up, a web service offered by Gamers for Gamers, a web service which everyone can participate in once they are skilful enough in a game they play. You can find all types of services for a large collection of games Let us build together a community that offers everything for all gamers, because some of us, just do not have the time to complete and acquire all what we need in our precious game characters.

Medieval music and game soundtracks by Attallas

Finding the proper game soundtracks can be quite a task. Attallas, a talented Medieval music startup artist who has plenty of songs to choose from, and $7 for a complete album is a great deal. His music was featured in a trailer for the Medieval War PC game Of Kings And Men, the trailer is below. – Coolest Hookah Tshirts (Sponsored)

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