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LIVE! Subscriber Logo Design Submissions CDM EP:5 🤯

We’re going LIVE! Welcome to the live Subscriber Logo Design Submissions for Come Design With Me! CDM EP:5 🙂 I’m

Music Makes The Video – Building A Brand, Ep. 10

What is a brand video? Why is music so vital to any great video? What is the link between music

Why is it so Difficult to Design Book Covers? – Final Critique, Young Guns 2 Ep. 10

How do you design a strong concept? Why is it so difficult to come up with a good idea? Why

Top 3 Logo Design Challenge Submissions CDM Ep4 ✏️

Sponsored By Squarespace! 10% off here: In this video, I’m showing the top 3 logo design challenge submissions for

iPad Pro GIVEAWAY! Designing A Logo ONLY on using an iPad! Vectornator 😲

iPad Pro Giveaway – click the link to find out how to win! Sponsored by Vectornator! In this video,

Package Design, What Could go Wrong? – Building A Brand, Ep. 9

Why is great packaging important? What makes quality visual design for packaging? How do you stand out on the shelf

Employees Ask The Boss – How do I Become More Valuable?

Success Traits: What Makes Employees Valuable? How do you move up in a company? What traits to do successful people

4 GREAT Ways To Make MONEY in Graphic Design – My London Eye Design STUDIO?! 🤑

Sponsored By Fiverr! Check out my favourite artists making a living on Fiverr here: In this video, I give

Top 5 INSANE Graphic Design Resources 2019 🤯

This video is all about the top 5 most insanely good design resources this year! (in my humble opinion). You

Top 4 Webflow Tips – Building A Brand, Website Tutorial

In this video, Digital Director, Ben Burns, breaks down how we built the Hamilton Family Brewery website in Webflow. Here

Building A Client Website From Scratch – Building A Brand, Episode 8

What is the process of building a website from scratch? How do you design and develop a website? What makes

Top 5 Logo Design Submissions! CDM EP3 👏

Here are the top 5 logo design submissions for Come Design With Me CDM! If you’ve ever wondered what it

🔴LIVE – Professional Hand Lettering

join me – Will Paterson with some live hand lettering on the iPad Pro Great Graphic Design Resources! Instagram:

Building A Brand – Addressing Client Feedback, Episode 7

What is logo design? How do you design a logo for your company? What is the logo design process? How

INSANE Logo Design Submissions! CDM Ep2 🤑

We start this new of Come #Design With Me giving the brief for the project! Who will win?! Here are