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These Designers Need HELP – Coaching Young Guns Season 2 Episode 3

How much do I charge for my work? How do you network? How do I market myself? Should I specialize

What’s WRONG with the NEW Staples Logo?! πŸ€”

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Change Your Mindset & Change Everything – AIGA Design Conference 2019

What is the secret to unlocking your true potential? How do you unlock the full potential of your creativity? How

Critiquing and RE-DESIGNING Your Logos! – Season 2 Episode 1😏

Design Challenge Link: Make a Milanote account today for free! Great Graphic Design Resources! Instagram: Thanks for

Design Portfolio Review – Young Guns 2 Episode 2

What should you put in your graphic design portfolio? How many pieces should you feature in a portfolio? How should

5 INSANE Minimalistic Logo Design TIPS πŸ–Š

In this video, I show you how you can create a minimalistic logo design with ease, for beginner to experienced

Living a Life of Purpose – After Hours Ep. 5

Join Aaron, Ricky and Jona as they get together with Chris Do and get some feedback and advice. A casual,

In The Trenches w/ Ryan Summers

How do we present and represent our work and industry (from the POV of freelancer, in-house creative, and studio owner)?

NEW! Logo Critique AND Redesign! 😎

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Friction in the Workplace. Deadlines, Expectations, and Getting Fired – After Hours

A casual, after-hours discussion. @TheChrisDo @RickyLucas_ @SleepyCastle @JonaMGarcia Help us help you. Consider becoming a sustaining member and support the

Relevance in the Age of Social Media – Art Center BOLD 2019 Recap

As a creative professional, how do you thrive in the market today? How far will a good portfolio take you?

Procreate Hacks For Beginner Hand Lettering! πŸ–Œ

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Graphic Design Challenge – Series Finale – Young Guns EP12

The finale of The Young Guns Season 1 is here. How did the designers start? What are they doing now?

How To Charge For Designβ€”Value Based Pricing

Do your clients not see the value in hiring you to do strategy? Confused about how to price creative services?

Logo Design LIVE | Will Paterson

Come join me designing a logo! Great Graphic Design Resources! Instagram: Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this