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What is Micro-content? Tips for making short, impactful videos.

Why is creating micro-content so important for your business, brand, or portfolio? What is micro-content? How do you create micro-content?


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Critiquing & Redesigning YOUR Logos!!

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How You Can Learn Design Without School

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Logo Therapy Ep. 2 Design Critique

2 logos, 2 designers, 2 countries— 30 minutes of logo design review and critique. See how professional designers tackle your

Productivity Tips from a Silicon Valley CEO, Feat. Elay Cohen of Saleshood Pt. 2/2

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How I Launched My Silicon Valley Startup. Feat. Elay Cohen of Saleshood Pt. 1/2

When Elay Cohen moved to Silicon Valley from his hometown of Toronto, he had dreams of starting his own successful

đź”´ How To Succeed In Motion Design Industry

Matthew Encina and Chris Do share their stories about playing in the big leagues… and failing. They talk about pitching

🔴 Seth Godin—Make Something Everyday

Writer’s block is a myth. Being a professional is showing up everyday and making something despite how you feel. The

4 Day Design Sprints – LIVE DEMO Part 2

Albert from Symph, teaches us how to run a Design Sprint. #Google #DesignSprint #UX #TheFutur #ChrisDo #DesignSprint2.0 #UserExperience #UXProcess #UXLiveDemo

NEW iPad Pro 2019 | Graphic Designers First Impression

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How Strategy Changed My Design Business

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How Strategy Changed My Design Business

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🔴 Journey Of Self Discovery & Acceptance—Dan Mace Interview

Who is Dan Mace and what does he do for Casey Neistat and 368? 04:05 Dan’s story 12:18 What does

Manage Time Better: A Challenge to Help You Find More Time

How do you manage your time better? How do you use time more effectively? How do you start improving your