Sword from the Space Stone – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/9/19

One week away from the Apollo 11 anniversary celebrations, we talk about fireworks, Tom Holland, Stranger Things, and the latest episode of Savage Builds. Adam’s excalibur is simply gorgeous. Plus, we lament the closing of the last hobby shop in San Francisco.

Find out more about Project Egress here: https://www.tested.com/science/space/880604-announcing-project-egress-project-national-air-and-space-museum/
3D print files here: https://3d.si.edu/apollo11cmhatch

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Buy Adam’s shirt and hat on Cotton Bureau: https://cottonbureau.com/stores/savage-merchandising#/shop

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Still Untitled is Adam Savage, Will Smith, and Norman Chan

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