Let’s Play Cyberpunk 2020: Episode 3 – Road Warriors

Cyberpunk 2020. The classic tabletop RPG of the dark future. Axel Burke, Jimi Mutiny, Pheonix Redwyne and MJ Kefahuchi – four, hapless denizens of Night City – are hoping their luck is about to change in this harsh world of steel face-lifts and dog-eat-dog capitalism.

In Episode 3, our gang find themselves hurtling through the depths of the Combat Zone. Their mission? Steal secret data from their own employer, Arasaka, in the hopes of paying off a debt to a mob boss called Divine. Joining them is Wesley, an enthusiastic enigma in a cowboy costume. Then, out of nowhere, a mysterious biker appears, and reaches for a weapon…

Thanks to Holly Connolly for our amazing artwork!
Instagram – www.instagram.com/visualante_
Website – http://doubleolly.com/

Cyberpunk 2020 is a tabletop role playing game written by Mike Pondsmith and released in 1990. Each member of the Access team has created their own character, chosen their class and been assigned stats across a range of skills.

Our GM Chris Thursten has written an original campaign for this series, but it’s up to the team to decide how they proceed through the story, the outcome of each choice being determined by a combination of dice rolls and the relevant character’s stats.

Cyberpunk 2020 uses both a D10 (10-sided dice) and a D6 (6-sided dice)

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One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / http://youtube.com/sketchysong

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