How To Grow Your Instagram With Free Automation Using

So you have a website or an online business and you want to drive traffic without excessive spending? We all know that pay per click is costly when your business doesn’t bring any income yet. Paying up to $1 per visit and having no sales can be really damaging and might push you to give up.

Or maybe you are aiming to just build a fame or a brand out of your self and want to be noticed?

Let me tell you about an easy way that has been used by a lot of online marketers to drive traffic with a little to no cost, by using Instagram automation.

What is Instagram automation? It means that you use a bot to run your Instagram account, you can specify targeted hashtags or locations for your bot to auto like, auto follow, and auto message your targeted audience. We all know that the interaction on social media is about 10% of your reach, which means if you interact with a 1000 picture a day, you would get around 100 visitors on your account.

100 doesn’t sound much you would argue! Imagine having 10 accounts, or better 100 accounts running daily. That’s a reach of 10,000 a day!

So what do you need to start automation? Its Free, head to and open a free account, add your Instagram account to start your bot.

We know that Instagram makes it harder now for you to open fake accounts due to phone verification “pva”, we suggest borrowing your friends numbers, 10 friends would grant you up to 50 accounts, we tried opening multiple accounts with the same phone number and we had no problems. If you want, you can buy a large number of “pva” accounts online, we suggest this website which we have personally tested. After you order, you will receive an invoice on your Paypal, once paid you will receive an email containing list of your accounts and their login details. Good Luck.

Tip: New accounts have more restrictions, for example you have to start your bot really slow to not get your account banned, and once two or three months pass, you may like more pictures each hour.