ZUS – A Car Phone Charger and Locator


I have been using the same car phone charger for the past 5 years, and even though i have tried few “geeky” chargers, nothing made me switch, until i received ZUS.

ZUS is a smart car phone charger. It has the ability to save your car location, in case you parked and lost your car, ZUS will help you find it.

Below is my review of it, after using it for a few days.


1- Packaging:

Packaging is nice and simple, you get ZUS car phone charger and a manual, no cables.



2- The Charger:

ZUS has two USB ports, and can charge any two devices at the same time, giving that you have the USB cables. It has total 4.8A on ports, which makes it faster than regular dual port car chargers to charge two devices at the same time, .

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2- The App:


Plug in your charger , and as you open the app, it will ask you to create an account , and then start searching for your ZUS via Bluetooth to pair with it.

Bluetooth must be on at all times for ZUS to function, it basically communicates with your phone to let it know when have you parked, in order to save that location using your built-in phone GPS.




As you park and leave your car, the ZUS app will give you a notification that it has saved your parking location, and you may set a timer, it would be useful if you are in a paid parking and have to leave before a certain time.


This is the main function, you get that compass with a pointer to your car location, along with an estimate distance. You may also check the car location on the map below it.



ZUS uses your built-in phone GPS, don’t expect it to function in an underground parking, the App will notify you in that case that the location couldn’t be saved, and remind you to take a picture of your car.


You don’t have much options within the app, you can disable the notification sound when you park, and change the Units.


3- The experience:

I park mainly underground, but i find the alarm function and the reminder of taking pictures very useful, and i know for sure that i will be taking ZUS with me on my next holidays, it will save me a lot of hassle with parking my rental car around a new city, and trying to go back to it.

Having two phones, i didnt like any dual port car chargers that i tried before, while with ZUS charging two phones doesn’t slow down the charging speed.

Overall I’ve had a good experiance with ZUS, and i would recommend it if you are thinking to get one.

To find out more about ZUS Car Charger and Car Finder visit : http://www.nonda.co/products/nonda-zus-smart-car-charger