The importance of mobile gaming in modern society

It might be hard to imagine a world without apps, but just a few years ago there was very little we could do on our mobile phones. If we wanted to make our mobile phone our own, we were limited to either changing the phone case or even buy or programme a polyphonic version of our favourite song or TV theme to set as a ringtone. But now, there are thousands of new apps added to stores every week that we can download to make our mobile devices do just about everything we want.


When you look at the download charts for Apple or Android devices, the top places are dominated by video games. That’s because gaming is now the most popular activity on our mobile phones, with most people even spending more time on games than using the phone’s original primary function – making calls. Whether you’re into platform games, puzzle games or even online poker, it seems more than ever we’re filling our spare time by playing games on our mobile devices.


Now, more and more of us are signing up to bigger 4G plans, and public Wi-Fi is becoming more and more accessible, so we can even now play games over the internet on our phones. Online gaming really became popular when the app Draw Something launched in 2012. The game was the first popular game to encourage people to play with their friends over the internet, drawing a picture your friend would see created in real time before they tried to guess what it was you were drawing.


Nowadays even big online poker websites that are hugely popular on laptop and desktop computers are creating apps and versions of their sites that can be played on mobile devices. With the same high quality game play and graphics as the normal site, now the classic game of poker can be enjoyed online with Coral Poker wherever you are from your phone. The site even has a poker school that will help you learn the game if you’re a beginner looking for a new game to play on your phone, or enhance your skills if you’re an advanced player wanting to get even better at online poker.


It’s not just online poker companies that are noticing the popularity of online gaming either. Console game designers are now even designing apps for our mobile phones that can be used in connection with the console game. One of the biggest titles on consoles currently, Fallout 4, has even created a Pip-Boy app that syncs with your game and monitors your stats, health and even lets you play extra mini-games.


Some companies are even spending thousands of pounds into creating apps that can then be downloaded for free. That’s because players want to get the most out of games like Clash of Clans that they are willing to pay for in-app purchases to unlock extra features or buy more health. The games are becoming so popular that Clash of Clans is estimated to make over $160,000 every day.


So whether it’s using our phone alongside your console, playing online casino or even spending money on features in free games, it seems mobile gaming is, and will continue to be, a huge part of many of our lives for a long time to come.